Indian Ocean

Stop for a moment. Sit down and relax.  Breathe deeply. Close your eyes and let your mind start to wander. Imagine yourself on a soft white sand beach, with a warm tropical breeze gently blowing through your hair. Aqua marine lagoons lap against the shore and lure you into their clear crystal coral and rainbow fish filled waters. Now open your eyes. This doesn’t have to just form part of your imagination. This experience can easily be yours for the keeping with an amazing Indian Ocean Holiday allowing you the opportunity to explore through these magical waters island hopping through this heavenly paradise.

For those in search of the ultimate beach destination, the islands of the Indian Ocean can either be discovered as part of a luxuriant World Cruise enabling you to compare and contrast the World’s treasures with all the comfort and convenience of cruising. Alternatively you can discover this sun kissed part of the world by flying to your destination and then indulging in maximum relaxation time sailing through the azure waters towards the lush green islets. 

Enjoy the idyllic Maldives, the superb Seychelles and stunning Mauritius, as well as enchanting Sri Lanka with its diverse beauty and wonderful history

Things To Do

  • Take a guided tour through the tea plantation in Mauritius
  • Spot dolphins on a sunrise boat cruise in the Maldives
  • Visit ‘London’s Little Ben’ in the tiny capital Victoria in the Seychelles
  • Visit the Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka
  • Take a helicopter tour over Reunion Island

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